Causes of Failure in Pool Heaters and Possible Solutions.

Pool heaters have the same mechanical and electrical elements as any other machine. If the electrical circuit is fine, electric current flows through and relays which then heats up a facet that transmits its heat to water. Something common in all machines is that they break down once in a while causing its operation to stop. For the Peintair pool spa heaters, the heat will stop being emitted and will not warm the water.

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 When swimming and the heater stops working all of a sudden, just stay calm and trace the root of the problem. You can switch it off and make sure you have handy tools around like the volt meter and amp meter to deal with such emergencies.

The tools can only be used to assist in a quick troubleshooting activity, other than that, you need to contact experts to come and assist you in repairs. Peintair  pool spa heater has a hotline and an online site where you can contact them if you need any help in repairs.

If you cannot reach any professional service, use the internet to trace any problem that you have. So after you note the problem, check on certain important areas within the system, if you can do so. For example, is the impeller facilitating water movement? Is the flow of water normal or reduced? Is this the main cause of the problem? Since pool heaters normally stop operating when water flow is low, try to find out why if its so.

Take apart the system and see if there are any problems inside. If everything is fine, carry out electrical tests to see if the heating element is functioning properly. You should also each individual terminal to ground or directly to both the heating element’s terminals.

If current passage is alright, carry out an amp test. This is provided in the manual of the Peintair r pool heater you purchased.


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